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The Pineapple

pineapplesThe pineapple is a prime example of the exotic fruits which were grown in English nurseries. Originating from Paraguay and the Southern parts of Brazil, the pineapple became an extremely popular fruit in English markets and was readily associated with wealth and extravagance. The pineapple was so popular at Covent Garden Market it even became the sites emblem.

Whilst there is some debate as to when the pineapple was first grown in England, by the 18th century they were a popular feature of English greenhouses. Growing pineapples was a skill which Michael Rochford developed during his time at a nursery in Oak Hill, Barnet, where a number of different varieties were produced.

Want to know more about the exotic fruits, plants, flowers and vegetables produced by the Lea Valley nurserymen? The Lea Valley Nursery Industry programme will be uncovering the fate of these more unusual of specimens.

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